Our kuleana

In the wake of the devastating wildfire that struck Lahaina, Maui on August 8th, 2023, the urgency and significance of our mission have never been clearer. Our hearts go out to the community as it grapples with the profound loss.
In times like these, the true spirit of aloha shines through as volunteers come together to support their neighbors, and it is with this resilient spirit that we forge ahead. As a community-driven platform, we understand the challenges faced by those directly impacted by this tragic event. The lack of comprehensive and timely information from official channels has highlighted the importance of a unified and reliable resource hub.
In response to this critical need, Malama Lahaina was formed in joint forces with dedicated volunteers on the ground to disseminate vital updates and crucial information directly to the community.

Our commitment to accurate and unbiased reporting remains unwavering, and our platform serves as a beacon of transparency during these uncertain times. Amidst the chaos, our platform also serves as a vital conduit for directing individuals to essential resources and aid. We have curated a centralized location where residents and supporters can find the assistance they need, from emergency shelters and medical services to donation centers and temporary housing options. This streamlined approach is designed to alleviate some of the overwhelming challenges faced by those seeking support, providing a lifeline to both immediate help and the steps towards rebuilding. Furthermore, we recognize the power of collective action in times of crisis. Through our platform, we are dedicated to promoting and supporting organizations on the ground that are actively aiding victims and facilitating recovery efforts. Your donations can make a tangible impact in the lives of those affected, and we provide a simple and secure channel to contribute to these crucial initiatives. Lahaina's rich history has demonstrated its resilience time and again, and it is this very trait that will guide us as we work together to overcome this tragedy. Our kuleana is clearer than ever – to stand with the people of Lahaina, to uphold their dignity, and to preserve the spirit of this remarkable community.

Join us in supporting one another, sharing information, and creating a path towards healing and renewal. Together, we can rebuild, restore, and ensure that the strength of Lahaina prevails.

Malama Lahaina Committee

Leonard K. Nakoa III
Committee Chair
More info on the remaining committee members will be added soon...

Purpose of the Kingdom of Akua Foundation

Together Towards a Thriving Future
The Kingdom of Akua Foundation stands unwavering in its commitment to the communities of Hawai'i. With housing, power, water, food sustainability, and community-led development as guiding stars, we embark on a journey of transformation, ensuring that the legacy of our ancestors is honored and the dreams of our people are realized.

1. Housing:
Kahi e moe, e ala, e maha; He hale pumehana o ka nohona ʻoluʻolu
(Home is a place to sleep, awake, and rest; a place of warmth and a comfort in which to dwell)
For many Hawaiians, the pursuit of stable housing can be a daunting challenge. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation envisions a Hawai'i where every local family has a place to call home. Through strategic partnerships, advocacy, and innovative housing solutions, we aim to eliminate homelessness among our people and provide safe, affordable, and culturally sensitive housing options. Click here to learn more.

2. Power
Ka uila mai Ka Lani mai; kalamakū o ke kukui ʻaʻā mau
(The power of electricity comes from Heaven; it is the lamp everlasting light)

Empowerment begins with access to basic necessities, and reliable power is at the heart of modern life. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation is committed to ensuring that local Hawaiians have access to sustainable and affordable energy sources. By promoting the development of renewable energy infrastructure, such as our exclusive DMIG (magnet generators), we not only reduce the impact on the environment but also empower communities to take control of their energy needs. Click here to learn more.

3. Water
He wai e inu, he wai e ola; he waiwai no ke ola loa i ke aloha
(Fresh water to drink, fresh water to survive; it is forever a part of our sustenance in living unconditionally w/ our Creatorʻs compassion)

Water is life, and in Hawai'i, it carries profound cultural significance. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation recognizes the importance of clean and accessible water for both survival and cultural practices. We strive to protect and preserve the island's precious water resources through sustainable water management initiatives, ensuring that Hawaiians can continue to practice their traditions while securing a healthier environment for future generations. Click here to learn more.

4. Food Sustainability
E ʻai pono i ka ʻai, e inu nui i ka wai; pēlā nō e ola mau ai
(Eat and drink well that life may be righteous and lengthy)
To truly thrive, communities must have access to nutritious and culturally relevant food. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation is dedicated to promoting food sustainability by supporting local agriculture, traditional farming methods, and community gardens. By revitalizing native food systems and encouraging the consumption of locally grown produce, we enhance food security, preserve cultural heritage, and create a stronger, healthier society.

5. Community-Led Planning and Development
He kauhale piha i ke aloha e launa hauʻoli ai ka nohona ʻohana Hawaiʻi
(A village filled with much warmth and love for the land, community, and one another; thus a Hawaiian family unit and lifestyle)
Our foundation recognizes that the people who intimately understand their communities' needs are the ones who reside within them. The Kingdom of Akua Foundation champions community-led planning and development, empowering Hawaiians to actively participate in shaping the future of their neighborhoods.

Kingdom of Akua Board of Directors

Donald  Kaulia
Executive Director
Michael Nawaiki O'Connell
Board Member
Alii Sir Kalani Tassil
Board Member
Kahu Hanalei Colleado
Board Member
John Brown
Board Member